3DDA: BUILD IT - The Bird's Nest Stadium

Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium.png

3DDA: BUILD IT - Cloud City (2012) by Tomás Sacareno

3DDA: USE IT - Fiberglass Chair (1950) by Charles Eames

3DDA: USE IT - The Bean Bag Chair

3DDA: USE IT - The Bean Bag Chair

3DDA: WEAR IT - Cloudy (2017) by Mah Rana

3DDA: WEAR IT - Wild November Beast by Richard & Barbara Keal

3DDA: WEAR IT - Visual Elements and Aspects of Jewellery/Jewellery Making

The practice of jewellery design dates back into centuries before technological advancements came into play. Jewellery designers would obtain traditional making skills such as:

  • Medieval goldsmiths
  • Traditional tribes and villages’ workshops
  • Contemporary jeweller’s workbench

New materials and manufacturing techniques usage alongside traditional methods of jewellery making:

  • Digital Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • 3D Printing
  • Photo Etching
  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Engraving
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Die Sinking
  • Lost Wax Casting

 With new techniques and processes expanding, jewellery design has evolved in a way that jewellers are pushing the limits of how jewellery should be worn in relation to the human body. Moreover, more parts of the body have become more applicable for jewellers to work with due to the sense of modernisation and evolution that technology has faced allowing jewellers to maximise their resources and materials to work with the body.

Jewellery captures and conveys:

  • Connection and a sense of belonging through jewellery
  • Personal Space
  • Signs of identity
  • Signs of social status
  • Political comment
  • Superstition, sentimentality, beliefs and faith
  • The physical sensation of jewellery (how does it make you feel if you wear jewellery?)
  • Meaning and emotional content of jewellery
  • Humour
  • Narrative in jewellery

Factors to consider in jewellery design:

  • The permanence of life span in jewellery
  • Scale
  • Miniature worlds
  • Jewellery in performance, movement and dance
  • Recycled or re-used material
  • Natural, organic materials

3DDA: BUILD IT - Geometric Terraniums

3DDA: USE IT - Types of Chairs

USE IT (3DDA): Functions and Types of Chairs

3DDA: WEAR IT - Steampunk

3DDA: WEAR IT - Interconnection by Sun Kyoung Kim

3DDA: WEAR IT - Jewellery, Footwear & Fashion Accessories

Jewellery explores the decorative, intimate, meaningful & symbol qualities of objects worn on the body.

Investigations focuses on:

  • Perceptions of preciousness and beauty
  • Perceptions of value and status
  • Skilful and sensitive handling of materials
  • Design and manufacture

Concepts may explore:

  • Tradition and culture
  • Social issues
  • Political issues
  • Personal ideas

Outcomes may:

  • Evoke questions and debate
  • Be amusing, ironic and enigmatic
  • Be sentimental or superstitious
  • Indicate a personal history
  • Declare a relationship to others
  • Raise issues of identity

3DDA: WEAR IT - Footwear

Footwear is not only about luxury goods and celebrities. There are many aspects to footwear that can be explored other than just fashion:

  • Craft
  • Innovation
  • Culture
  • Experimental surface treatments
  • Technology
  • Avant-garde fashion footwear
  • Experimental footwear design/Art

Innovation is hugely crucial in moving fashion and performance forward and there is one undisputed leader in this field: Nike.

The Nike Flyknit for instance has defined a completely new way of creating a shoe.

  • One piece upper that is knitted together
  • Minimises waste
  • Minimises stitching and assembly
  • Allows for breathability
  • Allows for structural support built into the upper
  • Maximises comfort- is essentially a sock
  • Extremely light weight

Footwear Implies:

  • Culture: Shoes insinuate personal background including ethnicity, customs and geographic origins
  • Identity: Shoes are often used as a strong communication of who you are.
  • Status: lower-class, middle-class, higher class. Also implies employment and reveals a little bit of one’s lifestyle and standard or living.

Experimental Processes of Footwear:

  • Dipped in rubber
  • Buried underground
  • Painted like a canvas


  • Advanced molding
  • 3D Printing: Giving ability to create high complex structures. Revealing multiple dimensions and angles of the end product.

Conceptual Styles of Footwear:

  • Avant Garde
  • Sportswear
  • Street shoes

Fashion & Textiles - John Booth's Illustration of van Beirendonck's Spring/Summer Collection '15

Fashion & Textiles: On Reflection (2015) by Philippa Sitchbury


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