Why photography & moving image? - My Influences & Inspirations

Over the years since I’ve taken art seriously, my passion for photography and moving image have grown tremendously. My experiences living in South Africa did not only open my eyes to the beautiful culture and environment, but it also made me more curious of finding a beautiful side to anything I see and anywhere I go. It’s always been emphasized that the best photographers and filmmakers have a good eye for seeing something unique in things that people do not normally see, which in essence makes them innovative artists and creators. Which is why I’ve cited Indonesian director Garin Nugroho, wildlife and culture photographer Steve McCurry, Japanese contemporary photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, and photojournalist Richard Mosse as my influences to pursue careers within graphic design and photojournalism.

With these artists as my inspiration, their all have very contrasting and distinct creative styles from one another and I’d only hope to find my own creative style within this pathway and evolve as a designer within my study at CSM. I’d also like to additionally cite National Geographic and The British Journal of Photography as leading companies that awakened my desire to be a part of the contemporary and political world of design. Lastly, from a personal stance I’d also like to cite my mother for teaching me her photographic skills as she too had a very keen eye and interest for the world through the lens. Photography and moving image has allowed me to expand my awareness of the world, and thus allowing me to express my opinions on topics that media tends to ignore.

I believe that photography & moving image are leading tools of the media of today’s day and age and I work to challenge the communicative and artistic abilities of the area as I constantly learn and challenge myself within this sector of design.

Hiroshi Sugimoto

British Journal of Photography


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