GCD: White Space - Red Alan's Manifesto (2014) by Grayson Perry RA

GCD: White Space - Red Alan's Manifesto (2014) by Grayson Perry RA

Can anything be art?

Who decides whether art is good or bad?

Does democracy have bad taste?

These questions are all maniacally challenged in Grayson Perry's witty and provocative manifesto. It is a jab at questions people tend to ask within society. This also connotes to the extreme boundaries artists go through to create art. Extremism challenges creativity and also shows perspective. I love how this manifesto is arranged as a declaration that people are supposed to sign as there is blank space for a signature on the bottom right of the manifesto. The visual aspect of the manifesto really captures the witty theme of the manifesto and it was really nice, lighthearted approach to an artist's declaration. 

Source taken: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/article/red-alans-manifesto 

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