GCD: Interact - 29Rooms Art Show by Refinery29

GCD: Interact - Moodboard

GCD: Interact - The Audience Response

The overall response from the audience was positive, people engaged quite easily with our task and seemed happy whilst doing it. From our interactive activity, we were able see what information is deemed valuable and what is deemed as invaluable. Some of the decisions that our audience made was different to what i expected, but the point of the task is that it is ambiguous; there is no right or wrong answer. As a result of the activity, the audience were able to consider what information they deem as valuable, and were able to keep a physical copy of the quotation they decided was most important to them, and discard the one they disliked the most. We are hopeful that long term, our audience will be considerate of the information they are taking in everyday, and be mindful of what they keep and what they throw away.

GCD: Interact - Quote

GCD: Interact - What does the quote mean to us?

Initially the quote was all around confusing, so it took a little bit of time in defining what it means. So we started by annotating the quote and its association to metaphoric language and tried to find a key word that stood out to us as symbolic. We looked at the word “books” as a gateway to information, rather than looking at the physicality of the book itself. We took books as a key aspect of making our project interactive in a way that promotes discussion and/or thinking amongst the participating audience. We found connotations to eating mannerisms and how it implies the different behaviours and habits as the person who said the quote kept his words along the lines of eating. In essence, we believed that the quote implies the different ways people take in or handle information that is given to them or information that humans are exposed to. This made us explore further into different reactions and the idea of how people take in information.

INTERACT: To Toss or To Keep? by Lydia & Febe

GCD: Interact - Photographic Representation

GCD: Interact - Commentary of Interactive Concept

"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested” - Francis Bacon

The initial ideas came from the word “books”in the quotation. we decided to not to take it too literally, but rather see the word as a metaphor for information. we thought that we would want an interactive response that was emotive, so then we began to think of emotive everyday pieces of information, such as speeches, films and music. We also then looked at the words “tasted”, “swallowed”, “chewed” and “digested”. This semantic field of eating provoked the thought of keeping and throwaway. The throwaway culture we live in today helped to us think of how information is discarded easily - the news, music & films, are either taken in (“digested”) or simply seen and discarded (“tasted”). Because of this, we wanted to create an interactive activity that allowed us to see people keeping or throwing away information they found valuable or not. our first interactive idea was to ask the audience to listen to the music, speeches & films, and then respond to this through drawing. however, after discussion with the tutor, we thought this would be too disconnected from the quotation, and distracted from our idea of keeping and throwing away. We then thought of visually representing these pieces of information, and allowing people to decide whether they would like to keep them or throw them away. we typed up these quotes in different fonts and colours & created a sign inviting people to choose a quotation to keep and throw away. By doing this activity, we were able to see what type of information was deemed valuable to the audience, and what was not considered as important. By doing this activity, we were able to see people physically keep and throw away information from the world. This activity is a translation of the quote as the audience showed us how they “taste books”(throw away the information we had given them) or “digest books” (keep the information we had given them. When planning this interactive activity, we were asked to consider these questions.

What will trigger your interaction?

In front of the activity we will have a sign “keep or toss?” with instructions asking people to read the information and choose one to keep and one to toss into the bin. some people needed vocal confirmation as well, but the main trigger was the sign. - what will the audience be asked to do? the audience will need to read the information provided (quotations of speeches & lines from films) and choose one to keep and one to bin.

What location will you choose to work in and how does it relate to the quote?

We decided to set up the activity in the main walkway of the king’s cross campus as this was where we would find our target audience. we also thought it would be fitting to our quote as the informational aspect of the quote we have decided to focus on links nicely to the educational environment of the university.

Is the location somewhere where people will have time to engage?

As the activity is set up outside of the canteen, people on their break would be able to take part in the activity. some people walking though would also be able to take part as the interaction is not very time consuming.

How will you record the interaction?

We will film the interaction as well as take photo evidence of the results of our interaction. we will present the interaction through an edited video that will have the audio of the quotations we used in the interaction.

How will you work together in the most efficient way using your combined skills?

As we both have very similar abilities we decided to split the jobs equally - we made half of the quotations each, filmed the interactions and both helped with editing (eg. collecting audio for the video.)

GCD: Interact - 29Rooms Art Show by Refinery29

GCD: Interact - Interactive Project Set-up

GCD: Interact - Photographic Outcomes


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